Who are we

Founder Jenny Voyce:  “I came up with the idea for Well Grounded Co after working in start-ups and buying roles for many years. I really felt like it was time that I brought my experiences together and create my own business and go back to where I started – fashion; but this time for kids. I really wanted to create clothes for kids that didn’t look like they’d come from the 1950’s. To create something new but that would last and could be passed on to siblings. The kind of clothes that parents would say “I want it in my size!” and happily I get a lot of people asking for a grown up version!

I’ve always enjoyed working with artists and I’ve brought them into the mix with prints and patterns exclusively commissioned from illustrators.

Finally, I've been inspired by all the independent brands that have sprung up since I had my first child 11 years ago. I love the camaraderie of the women behind these independents and I love that we can offer an alternative to the big name brands."



About the collection

Our first collection, ‘Woodland Adventure’, features patterns and prints from London-based illustrators Rob Hunter and Fiona Woodcock. Their inspiration came from considering what kids might imagine finding in the woods... what creatures they would meet and what games they could play.


Using the thoughts and ideas kids from the city have about going into the woods, we came up with some creatures and patterns that you’d never really see in an English forest. But then that’s the great thing about a child's imagination: they’re not bound by reality!

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About the clothes

It's not "fast fashion", far from it; it's fashion for kids to be worn for more than one season, and to be passed on when they’ve grown up. 

We’ve worked really hard to create a unique collection and taken great care in choosing suppliers who maintain ethical standards for their workforce.